FreshPress: Jakwob – The Prize LP (Free Download)

Just spotted and overwhelmed by its rhythmic sounds, it seems timeless to name it a freshpress. Jakwob presented this master piece already in 2012, but this incredible album full of mixed styles based on electronic/dub hits the nerve. He smoothly integrates styles of ambiance, hip hop, r’n’b and a bit of soul. From melancholic to aesthetic. From soulful to clubbing. Choose a mood and you will certainly find a match to it!

‘Travel the Music’           

Launching 2013.Mixes&Summer

Hello and Welcome to a new chapter of traveling the music! is proud to present the next seasonal selection of the best free electronic compilations. We hope you’re going to like it!

Check the first mix, provided by Tube & Berger with their incredible openingset from the Loved Noise Festival.

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The fair revealed a few surprises but nothing new.

One of the most intersting visual innovations was a steam based screen that is being used interactively:

Another visual atmosphere was created by SAP’s huge beamer enabled show room:

And last and definitely most intersting was SAP’s interactiv multi-touch-table-like screen solution used to present the new product’s, Hana, competences:

Furthermore, a roboter enabled to hold balance of a pingpong ball on a moving plate:


And here some more impressions:

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