Dance is in India a holy activity, in which men and women provide a lively expression to the spiritual world – an expression that could not be brought to its meaning solely by verbal or written understanding.

Dance is the interface, the transforming act to unite the physical and the spiritual life, it reaches to inflame human souls with the devine spark. The gods themselves are sought to be the source by telling the wise man Bharata the art of dance. In fact, all seven classical indian dance styles are representatives of religious and mythological beliefs. The dance symbolizes also the perpetual cycle of being and elapse, shown in the God Shiva.

In its origins, dance has been performed in temples. Later its stage was mainly found at the places of political power. Today, dance is a global language that is especially understood and exploited by the movie and music industry.

Whatever your reason might be to dance, whateverthe purpose, it is about the music. Our selection of MusicVibes aims to provide you with new, non-mainstream inspiration from today’s musical development from all over the world, with as much variety as possible.

Disfruta la vida y escucha la musica del mundo.

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