Time to celebrate the summer finish and the appearance of fall!
Days are becoming shorter, but nights are becoming longer!
Let’s enjoy the cozy atmosphere and the marvelously colorful painted landscape in a muscialized fall!



* MiraculousFall. This set might generate the gentle picture of a cold, yet refreshing, early morning sunrise at the seaside. Colorful leaves rustle in a painted landscape and the sunlight reflects playfully in the calm waves of the water…truly, Mira has created a fantastic piece of relaxing sounds. Das haett es frueher nicht gegeben #25 – Geburtstagsausgabe: Mira…



* MoonCruise. The dream of entering space, the nonexistent and the existent. What is reality and how far can you cruise it? Niemand & Keiner do not provide the answer, but their mix tells a story. Maybe you find time to read it one day, or you simply enjoy the mix and dream it yourself. Peterchens Mondfahrt…



* NightFly. Bounce deep house at its finest. Stil & Bense stress the moment by emphasizing on a forward going, bass heavy deep treat. This set is for the active, the hungry and restless. Warm it up, while it starts getting cold outside in the northern hemisphere. Flying Bird (Special Promo Radiomix)…



* SoulFood. Introducing the Seelenmusik mixes for the first time here on iamglobetrotter, the sounds from Moritz Guhling seemed to be the perfect enrichment of a soulful fall. Simply play and enjoy. Seelenmusik #3 – Moritz Guhling…



* StilVogel. Long awaited, a new, bouncy and deep set that’s worth the post! Get glimpse, or download it. Warm up, because it’s getting colder outside! Tom Stil’s Paradiesvogel….



* TippingFall. This, rather unconventional set, offers remarkable switches of emotions. Just perfect for a calm chill-out session with a gentle uniqueness. Enjoy Benn Finn’s Late Flowering…



* KoolingUp. A solid set with quite a bit of surprises. Kool & Kabul’s In Between Seasons…



* SummerEcho. A speechless mood-set compiled of voluminous electro-sounds was created by Dave Echo earlier this month. Electrifying! Volta…

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