Summer & You in 2013!!
Time to beach, drink, chat, bbq, enjoy, tan, chill, relax, activate, energize.
Let’s make this one be electrofying!



* JazzBloes. Becoming a rising star by playing jazzy deep house? Bakermat must have understood how to make you dance. Bloes Brothers #4 – Bakermat…



* MonkeyFun. It’s an amazing party mood that comes from Monkey Safari’s mix. Live at Fusion Festival 2013…



* SummerEasy. Johannes Faiths must have a favorite place to be in Summer. Listening to it is already fantastic! Sommerliegewiese…



* SkyBlue. Alle Farben offer 2013 a solid Summer mix. It’s refreshing. Light Sky Blue….



* FusionIntro. Soukie & Windish’ intro to this year’s Fusion Festival as take away. Do you live your 2013.Summer? Ways of Fusion 2013…



* BoilingTime. Bonobo and his Boiler Room mix from last year February. Speechless beauty. Bonobo Boiler Room…



* SunLover. Sascha Braemer has a new electromix for you. Time to be super chilled, enjoy the summer weather and put the headphones on. Welcome to Juni Lovers…



* StepSafari. June is starting, ambiance levels are rising and the Monkeys are out!! Today: Monkey Safari with their incredibly charming Hommage…



* NextStop. Super soundélicieux! Dj Phono whispers miraculous sounds in your ear once you push play. It’s a truly fantastic Diynamic Festival Podcast #2…



* PushOn. Time to get going! Our 2013.Mixes&Summer are introduced by Tube & Berger’s intensively deep openingset from the Loved Noise Festival…

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