Slowly, the world comes to rest,
Snow falls from the folded sky,
In a winter wonderland at best,
People love and dance to more than spotify.

Here is 2013-2014’s set selection. Travel the Winter!



* SnowDeep. This extraordinary set of deep tunes impresses with its melodic overflow of tunes. A perfect compilation for the ongoing. A true treat of reflectional sounds. Nayan Soukie & Madmotormiquel – Katermukke Podcast for PureFm /Adventsreleases…



* ClubNight. A special deep-house club delight is this time presented by Biodub’s Fusion Festival recording. Clean, simple and bass heavy are the sounds. Get a glimpse below. Biodub @ Fusion Festival, Tanzwiese ’13 (Deep Afterhour Special)…



* LiveSide. Melodic and steady. Darkside’s live act on this year’s Pitchfork Festival is stunning. Have a look on youtube.com for the related video, or just listen to it below. Live in Paris…



* ColdBunny. For many minds the plans are made and holidays are coming up. It is almost as if piece is upon us if not within us. Falscher Hase plays for charity and gives it away for free. Nächstenliebe…



* WinterMedley. Herznote has created a wonderful set for the beginning of Winter. Be sure it’ll wake you gently and a forward going pace will warm you quickly. Wintermärchen…



* DarkSky. Days are getting darker, heaven is getting darker and candles start lighting up in small windows of the neighbors. Energy from summer is still saved, and fall couldn’t take it all. Time to find new energy in the sounds. SKAI with his new podcast Miese Musik….

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