Spring 2012 started the journey to document electronic music with value. Feel the energy that lies within this season and enjoy the vibrant sounds.


* Today there is only one way: ahead and with full speed directly into the weekend! Let Klangkarussel and friends join you on the trip. It isn’t up for download, but with love…it is un-imagi-nible Netzwerk.



Ready for the weekend?

* Dance the night away. Oliver Schories gives a small insight in what Spring means to him. A nice warm-up compilation. My Spring (Mixtape March 2012).

*An techno-deep treat for this weekend’s sound check is hosted by Joris Vorn. Live at Awakening.



* Today we dance for the sun and get all crazy about this summer: Sonnentanz 


* SKAI shapes today’s motto with his new mix: Slow is Sexy.

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