Summer 2012. Not only the name sounds good. Be inspired by music, enjoy BBQs, meet friends and dive into the refreshing lake, when the temperatures hit max. Whatever you are up to, these mixes should provide you with the freshness to relax. Stay Cool & Enjoy.



* Desperate times can last long, but the sunshine afterwards will never be gone. An 80 minute pleasure of sensational sounds. Leonardo Aquino – When the Sun goes down:

* Rarely as good as this. Enjoy a collective soundmix filled with smooth vibes by Jacky Fisher. And he’s certain: Your Heart Needs Love



 * Long time deprived, but this genuis compilation is more than worthwhile the post. Enjoy a musicialization talent: Nicolas Jaar with his Essiential Mix from 19.05.2012:



* Weekendtreat, deepdownfeat, mellowbeat. EnjoythebeatmixfromDanielKilian.s The May Mix*.



* Last day of May and, yes people, it’s summer! Oliver takes you on a fresh and deep journey in his house mix My Summer 2012.



* After a rather long time of silence, I get back to you with a new mix from systemFEIND aka MRschlott. Enjoy some good sounds to A tepid summer day.



* Liking the easy finishing of the week. Smooth and sensational vibes mixed by Hannes Fischer on TwenFM earlier this year. Definitely one of my favorite sets up to now. Hannes Fischer on TwenFM.



* Labor Day: Day for the laborers. For a good Labor Day you probably need some energetic sounds and a friend of mine posted a link to this truly colorful compilation of sounds. It’s amazing flow will make sure the sun creeps in your dusty bones. Get moving and enjoy. Alle Farben – 36 (Fen Violet) “Liebeslieder für Gespenster“.

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