Winter 2012, what a remarkable year! Taking Exit 2013.
…the journey continues. Enjoy its kick-off & have a happy transit.



* MarvellousFantastic. Alle Farben’s Essential Colours…



* The siblings Mokosh aka Professional Dreaming release a new podcast via R84. A Must-Listen To! Podcast 149…



* Miraculus and truly colorful sounds. Thänks to Frau Laura for the spectacular compilation of Eins Zwanzig Dreizehn…


* First Post in 2013. The DJ Julian Mokosch and his brother have found the right words and sounds for the perfect start in 2013. A Professional Dreamer know about the Traumstunde #05. Kamsahamnida…



* Musicalization made by Jeff Sharel from the CircusCompany label. Marvellous around-the-world taste! CCRadio .016



* Closer to the end, there is a new precious set from Atapy and it’s Lekker! Enjoy the Deep House Amsterdam Mixtape#037



* People, Christmas came early this year and it’s powerful. There isn’t much more to say, so I let the music talk. Introducing Stefan Trummer’s and Jonas Woehl’s download gift  Complètent EP.



* I know it already for quite sometime but missed out on posting this insanely good piece of art. Jonas Mantey, young and talented, reveals insights of his September inspirations. Sunday offers time to enjoy his September Mix…



*AAAnd here is another, unmatchable awesome live mix from Oliver Schories. This entire session for deep house sensation is painting a marvellous picture of sounds. Enjoy it to the end. DJ Set @ Elbestrasse 36 Frankfurt.


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