Every culture is different and that is the essence.

– i am.globetrotter

Traveling is the most collective way of experiencing the world. Every day is a new challenge, a new buzz. The dive into unimaginable places, the freshness of new minds and the energetic fulfillment of the daily conquests are the essence. An essence so radically positive that every new trip becomes a statement of life.

On the following pages we provide you with modest or in-depth information on where to go best, when you are visiting places we have already explored. The aspiration is to provide you with more important information in smaller posts than you would read by buying travel guide books. We want to provide a glimpse of what you are to expect when traveling to these places. And that glimpse should be inspiring. Please, don’t hesitate to tell us if it isn’t. In fact, we would be totally stoked to see you use the comment option at the bottom of each page, so we can get a little bit closer to fulfill our aspiration. Thänks already!

The GlobeGallery provide visuals of how places we have visited look like. A foto tells more than a thousand words, so you might as well check them first before reading. But hey, when you care more for a random mix of fotos taken all over the world, check out our FotoCluster…because Johann Wolfgang von Goethe knew that sometimes “you don’t have to travel around the world to understand that the sky is blue everywhere”.

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